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Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

To be the pioneering leader in manufacturing of eco-friendly biomass materials products, mattresses products and focusing on value optimisation for all stakeholders & shareholders.
Mission Statement

1. Optimising value-creation for all stakeholders: wealth creation & enhancement for shareholders, value-for-money for customers, mutual beneficial & growth for suppliers.

2. Cultivating corporate culture that embrace positive & open-minded thinking, team-orientation, mutual respect and continuing professional & knowledge development.

3. Maintaining production integrity at all times, providing customers only with products of finest quality.

4. Creating working environment conductive to learning & innovation.

5. Promoting effective communication with open-mindedness, both internally & externally.
Philosophy and Corporate Culture

1. Challenge and problem solving.

2. Change and continuously improve.

3. Customer satisfaction.

4. Good leadership.

5. Honestly, integrity, ethic and professional.

6. Listen and appreciate.

7. Maximise resources and quality.
Heng Huat Group Of Companies

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