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Oil Palm Fibre

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100% Natural Palm Fibre
Palm Fibre is produced from oil palm's vascular bundles in the Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB). EFB is considered as waste products after the Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) have been processed. Palm fiber itself is 100% natural, non-hazardous, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

HK is able to produce large quantities of oil palm EFB fibre, which are not only long, clean and fine, but also in uniformity through our self-designed and installed custom-built production lines.

hh palm2aOur Oil Palm Fibre :
• Low cost advantage
• Excellent year-round availability
• No species variations
• Very low moisture content
• Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
• No health hazards
• No traceable HCN compound
• Non-carcinogenic
• No toxic elements
• Contains lignin that acts as binder in compressed materials.

hh palm2bOil Palm Fibre Specifications
Moisture Content 12-15%
Oil Content <2%
Length 5-15cm
Impurities <3%
Bale Size L43’’x W43’’xH49’’
Packing 3mm Steel Wire
Weight ±450kg/bale
Loadability 40 bales per container (40‘HQ)
Container ±18MT (40'HQ)

hh palm2cApplications
Palm fibre is a superior substitute to coconut fibre due to its strong bond that are commonly used in making :
• Mattress and cushion production
• Erosion control mat/blanket for landscaping and horticulture
• Moulded wares and composite material production
• Medium density fiberboard manufacturing
• Paper and pulp production
• Acoustics control
• Compost and fertilizer

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