GST Information

Company GST No. Email
HK Kitaran Sdn. Bhd.(881898-X) 002038087680 hkk-gst@henghuat.com.my

HK Fibre Sdn. Bhd.(765548-H) 001873231872 hkf-gst@henghuat.com.my

Fibre Star (M) Sdn. Bhd.(973296-M) 000841007104 fsm-gst@henghuat.com.my

Fibre Star Marketing Sdn. Bhd.(973299-X) 001038630911 fsmkt-gst@henghuat.com.my

HK Gua Musang Sdn. Bhd.(1110062-W) 001453936640 hkgm-gst@henghuat.com.my

HK Power Sdn. Bhd.(1110063-K) 002030645248 hkp-gst@henghuat.com.my

Heng Huat Group Of Companies
Heng Huat Resources Group Berhad(969678-D)
Heng Huat Industries Holdings Sdn Bhd(779222-P)
HK Fibre Sdn Bhd(765548-H)
HK Kitaran Sdn Bhd(881898-X)
HK Mega Industries Sdn Bhd(776763-X)
Fibre Star (M) Sdn Bhd(973296-M)
Fibre Star Marketing Sdn Bhd(973299-X)
HK Power Sdn Bhd(1110063-K)
HK Gua Musang Sdn Bhd(1110062-W)
Sabut Kelapa Saujana Setiu Terengganu Sdn Bhd(1247139-M)
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